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Pietra is natural granite from quarries around the world. Her distinctive original drawing is a pure work of nature. For selected stones, it is processed using cutting-edge technology and subjected to strict quality control. Natural granite products offer hardness and resistance to heavy loads, pressure, and high temperatures. Granite's beauty shines brightest on large areas of kitchen cabinets, islands, and dining tables, but it's also great for tiling. Because of the granite's microporous structure, the surface must be impregnated to increase absorbency.


Granite is a natural stone that is mined in quarries. For plate formats, dimensional tolerances must be considered. The smallest guaranteed size of the plate is 1200 x 2 225 mm, the largest dimension is 1900 x 3 500 mm. Granite worktops are available in three finishes and thicknesses ranging from 20 to 30 mm. The granite edges are sanded at various radii or angles, and the overlapping parts of the worktop can also be undercoated.

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surface treatments of granite

Granite is supplied in several surface treatments, which have different processing processes and properties of the resulting surface. The high gloss of the granite is achieved through polishing, and the pores of the surface are closed thanks to the use of special resins suitable for contact with food. The sanded matt surface highlights the colour of the granite without adding brightness, but it is more porous and requires additional impregnation. The 3D embossed surface highlights the distinctive properties of granite, such as veins, and allows them to protrude to a surface with a noticeable structure.

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