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Worktops are in direct contact with the kitchen user and are therefore the most stressed. Polyston s.r.o. adapts to these conditions and ensures the highest quality worktops. We provide not only a diverse range of materials but also shapes and precise details.

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kitchen sinks

The choice of sink is also heavily influenced by the worktop. The kitchen sink can be made of the same material as the worktop or it can be installed in a cut-out in the worktop. The design of the joints between the sink, board, and tile is also an important consideration when selecting a sink. With a sink made of Polyston Solid Surface, you can achieve a monolithic design of the board with a homogeneous surface.

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cladding and backsplashes

The materials processed by Polyston are suitable for the production of kitchen worktops and tiles at the same time. By using the material in the same pattern, you can support the overall design look of the kitchen. Take a look at our offer of tiles for kitchen tiles and backsplashes.

types of kitchen cladding

bar counters

Every kitchen is unique, and the correct bar counter may help to support the entire atmosphere. Every day, a cup of coffee, breakfast, or a small snack while sitting at the bar is a delightful pastime. We provide a variety of materials, shaping possibilities, and unique surface structures to ensure that your counter is a one-of-a-kind addition to your kitchen.


custom made bar counters

dining tables

matching your worktop

Dining tables created specifically for Polyston go well with our worktops. You may use the same material for the tabletop as you used for the worktop. Several table bases have been created to work with a variety of materials and proportions.


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do you seek support?

Do you have any questions about our offer or would like some advice? Do you desire a high-quality worktop but are unsure about the material? Visit us in Badín or see our products in person in one of our partner studios to find the perfect material for you. We'll be pleased to recommend the studio that's nearest to you and put you in touch with one of our sales agents in Slovakia or the Czech Republic.


The sales department is ready to give you all of the required information regarding our goods' price and technical specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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