Custom production of atypical interiors

reception desks

In public places, receptions and counters require a unique strategy and the deployment of a custom-made product. A 3D scanner, which will offer the exact data needed for production, is the centre of implementations in a specific space. Counters come in a variety of shapes and with LED backlighting.

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It is the basis to catch the visitor's attention while realizing the exhibition cubicle of showrooms and entry halls of shopping centres, thus it reaches for non-traditional shapes and a solitary location in the area. Product edges with arched designs, as well as full things standing in space, are very popular. These needs are fully addressed by the Polyston Solid Surface material, which, thanks to its mould casting and the ability to deliver power without a visible junction, adapts to any demanding requirement.

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commercial premises

The designers' unique rendition will appeal to a wide range of buyers. Large scale materials from Polyston s.r.o. can be used for tiling countertops, exhibition stands, and even the store's main entrance. Ceramics, granite, artificial stone, and technical stone are all cut to the needed forms and cut-outs according to the customer's specifications.

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yacht interiors

The sparkling interiors of yachts and cruise ships add to their unique ambience. Atypical floor plans, circular walls, and amorphous shapes are used to produce unconventional ship interior solutions. However, by selecting the appropriate materials, you can transform a boat or yacht into a relaxing fantas

Superstar Project

  • barovy-pult-polyston-na-lodi.JPG
  • recepcia-na-lodi-superstar.jpg
  • barovy-pult-diskoteka-na-lodi.JPG
  • lod-superstar-zariadenie-diskoteky.jpg
  • lod-superstar-zariadenie-stoliky.jpg


Projekt zariadenia lode superstar sa realizoval v roku 2010. Na mieru bol vyrobený barový oblúkový pult a recepčný pult z materiálu Polyston Solid Surface v bielom prevedení. Barový pult s podsvietením bol súčasťou zariadenia diskotéky na lodi.  

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Do you have any questions about our offer or would like some advice? Are you looking for a manufacturer to help you with a non-standard project? The sales department is ready to give you all of the information you require regarding our goods' price and technical design. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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