Custom-made bar countertops

 POLYSTON solid surface bar countertop

It's also possible to build a counter out of the same material as the Polyston Solid Surface worktop. This unifies the kitchen's surfaces while maintaining the same level of care. If you want to visually distinguish the bar counter from the worktop, you might paint it a contrasting colour. The bar plate can be inserted vertically or in an arcuate transition into the foot. Our experts will gladly provide you with advice on the entire technical design and construction.


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large-format ceramics bar countertop

Kitchen islands frequently include barring seating. Because of the large ceramic shapes, an island and a bar surface may be created in one plane without joins, highlighting the vast-area pattern on the ceramic. The bar counter, on the other hand, can be mounted onto a kitchen island to split the space optically. High seating is also possible due to the larger counter area.

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purewood bar countertops

TOn the bar counter, the warm surface, beautiful colour, and natural structure of the wood will not go ignored. We provide hardwood counters in a variety of styles and finishes, as well as a surface treatment that improves the wood's water resistance. Solid country boards can, of course, develop cracks or irregularities. These, when combined with a clear or coloured resin, bring out their beauty and provide intriguing nuances.

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stonea bar countertop

Thanks to its composition, the technical stone is a more practical alternative to natural stone, which is why it is a sought-after material for the realization of kitchens. You can make it not only a worktop but also an island or a bar counter. A popular solution is also a raised front edge or the transition of the bar plate to the foot.

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granite bar countertops

Technical stone is a more practical alternative to natural stone due to its composition, which is why it is a popular material for kitchen design. It can be used as a countertop, an island, or a bar counter, among other things. A raised front edge or the transition of the bar plate to the foot is also a popular approach.

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S materiálmi od spoločnosti Polyston môžete dať vyrobiť barový pult podľa svojich predstáv. Barové pulty vyrábame z piatich rozdielnych materiálov a v širokej škále kombinovateľných detailov. Môžete si zvoliť hrúbku barovej dosky aj tvar prevedenia hrán. Samozrejmosťou je prispôsobenie rozmeru barového pultu tak, ako si to vyžaduje váš priestor. Materiály od nás môžete ľubovoľne kombinovať a vytvárať tak jedinečné riešenia šité na mieru. Vaša spokojnosť je pre nás prioritou.

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