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reception desks

Reception desks are built to order and include a supporting metal structure. The material you select is determined by your requirements for the material's shape and properties. Polyston Solid Surface artificial stone receptions are warm to the touch and available in a range of shapes, including circular. You can create visually appealing effects on counters lined with large format ceramics by using pattern continuity or mirroring.

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Work surfaces in hotel or wellness facilities must meet high utility and hygiene standards. Plates on serving or sales counters should be non-flammable and easy to maintain. The edges of the worktops are ground or can have a leading edge in a solid design.

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table and furniture surfaces

Because of carefully chosen surfaces, your custom-made furniture can become one-of-a-kind and original. The top plates of tables or shelves can be unified in colour and material. Support the relaxing and luxurious atmosphere by selecting durable surfaces made of artificial stone, granite, or ceramics.

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spa cladding

Cladding that is attractive, subtle, hygienic, non-flammable, and has the minimum joints? This is an issue that needs careful consideration. However, because Porcela ceramics are produced in big formats, it is a simple option. Ceramic tiles are manufactured in lengths ranging from 3200 to 3600 mm and with tile thicknesses ranging from 6 to 12 mm. Make your spa facilities stand out.

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hotels cladding

We offer a complete service for large-format ceramic tiles. Thanks to the water jet cutting technology, we supply paving in standardized dimensions but also formatted according to individual requirements. Inlaid tiles can also be made from a variety of ceramic plate designs. For ceramic tiles, we provide edge treatment and general advice, as well as on-site tile installation instruction.

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