Bathroom sink tops

Polyston's sink tops are made of large-format ceramics, granite, technical stone, mineral stone, and wood. All of the surfaces are resistant to increasing humidity while still being simple to clean. The sink may be integrated with the countertop and tiles into a single unit without a visible connection thanks to the Polyston Solid Surface fake stone. With our solid wood countertops finish, you may create a "vintage" style bathroom.

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integrated washbasins

It is possible to connect a washbasin or multiple washbasins to a sink top without a visible seam thanks to the unique characteristics of Polyston Solid Surface mineral stone. Casting is used to create Polyston mineral stone washbasins, and it is also possible to combine a washbasin into a countertop that is not the same design as the washbasin countertop. The ANTISHOCK layer protects the washbasins by ensuring the material's resilience to thermal stress, cracking, and dye action, while the "drop effect" inhibits limescale build-up.

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glued washbasins

Ceramic, granite, or technical stone washbasins can also be inserted into washbasins made of the same material as the countertop. These washbasins are manufactured to order, and the joints are glued together. Increase the front edge, washbasin top, or fit into a washbasin cabinet as a solution for hiding a siphon or structure.

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Bathroom cladding

The usage of large-format materials is one of the most sought-after bathroom tile trends. This ensures that there are fewer joints and that cleanliness is improved. Large-format tiles made of granite and mineral stone, as well as large-format ceramics with reflecting or continuity patterns, give bathrooms a whole new level.

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atypical interiors

Polyston's processing technologies also enable non-standard and unusual bathroom solutions made of large-format materials to be implemented. Polyston Solid Surface's diverse formability, on the other hand, pushes the limits of material adaptability even further. We can make custom-shaped items and tiles out of mineral stone.

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