Window sills

window sills that match your kitchen

A great advantage of the materials offered by Polyston s.r.o. is their versatile use, which makes matching the interior much easier. For your worktop made of Polyston solid surface, ceramics, technical stone or granite, you can choose tiling in the same pattern for walls, window sills as well as window frames. In addition, you can use the residual material from the cut of your worktop and get window sills more cheaply.

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window sill on the same level as the kitchen worktop

The window above the worktop is a common solution to ensure plenty of daylight while working in the kitchen. The window sill can be elegantly connected to the kitchen board and thus increase the working space. The worktop made in this way is cut to size from one piece of material, in order to minimize the joints on the worktop.

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window sill with cutouts for ventilation

Sill plates above radiators can be aired via cutouts or ventilation grilles, allowing warm air to circulate throughout the room.
Sill plates and tiles are formatted to fit the exact 3D focus of the kitchen or, in the case of separate window sills, the proportions provided by the customer.

Exterior window sills

Window sills and pallets are not just the privilege of kitchens or interiors. It is also possible to make external cladding of window openings from durable materials such as ceramics and granite. With ceramics, you can even continue to implement exterior glued cladding, which will provide your house with an original facade and protection against the weather.

Chcek out facades made of large-format ceramics

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