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You can also apply the high-quality materials offered by Polyston to table tops. The material used in the worktop in the kitchen will thus also appear on another element in the interior and create harmony in the space. The tables are completely designed and manufactured by Polyston in several collections for residential and public space.

 Š í r a v a collection

designer tables

New trends in design, open spaces, kitchens connected to living rooms, all this led to the idea of creating tables whose table tops will be made of the same material and pattern as worktops in kitchens. The tables are completely designed and manufactured by Polyston s.r.o. To support the idea of offering the client the highest possible standard of use, the tables from the ŠÍRAVA project are complemented by chairs from the TON company, which has a long tradition and innovative, unique technologies in the production of chairs.


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G A S T R O  P R O collection

dining tables

The complexity of gastronomic facilities for hygiene and easy maintenance was also shaped by the design of the Gastro Pro collection tables. The restaurant tables have a metal base and their table top is designed from a single piece of large-format ceramic, which is easy to maintain and has a high resistance to chemistry and has almost zero absorbency. The design simplicity is complemented by a wide range of matt ceramic patterns.


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K A R T E L collection

coffee tables

Conference tables designed and manufactured by Polyston are a combination of several materials such as solid wood, ceramic or artificial stone. The table collection offers a popular set of round tables, a massive cube or a subtle board mounted on legs. See the entire offer of conference tables in our e-shop.


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 L I B R E S O collection

restaurant tables

The Libreso table collection focuses on coffee tables suitable for outdoor conditions. The long service life of the tables is ensured by metal bases in combination with durable materials on the table tops. Among the materials from Polyston s.r.o. Polyston Solid Surface, large-format Porcela ceramics or Pietra natural granite are suitable for durable surfaces.


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custom made tables

The kitchen worktop and your desk top can be made of the same material. Take advantage of the possibility to customize the table according to your own dimensional and material requirements.



The company can provide each client with a tailor-made product in an above-standard design due to the wide choice of materials available. Because of the manufacture of tables that connect and link the kitchen area through materials, this concept has offered even better user comfort for the customer. Polyston created the outstanding table design in response to the kitchen market and to complement the parent company's product line with dining tables. The Šírava series has inspired subsequent collections including gourmet tables, café tables, and conference tables.


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