laboratories and medical practices

special worktops

Polyston Solid Surface, a hygienic alternative for laboratory and ambulance work surfaces, was created by Polyston. The board is non-absorbent and does not allow the formation of bacterial deposits due to its homogenous surface without pores. This mineral stone's products are antibacterial and resistant to high temperatures, frost, as well as common acids, solvents, and dyes.

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medical washbasins

Polyston Solid SurfaceTM artificial stone washbasins are cast in moulds in both standardized and atypical dimensions. Their surface is protected by a hydrophobic layer of AntishockTM, which also ensures the resistance of the material to the effects of alternating hot and cold water, cracking of the surface, the action of dyes and prevents the deposition of limescale.

types of washbasins

PC POints

For the demands of supplying medical facilities with a computer terminal, we provide a PC Point constructed of Polyston Solid SurfaceTM. The terminal board can be equipped with a glass antibacterial keyboard and monitor. PC Point is created for operating rooms that need to use a computer while wearing sterile gloves. The worktop is set at a height that allows a person to stand.


PC point project

medical furniture

Medical facilities require a variety of furniture sets and accessories, which the anti-bacterial surface is ideal for. Medical furniture systems, integrated sinks, sanitary tiles, transportable cabinets, and pull-out table tops can all benefit from Polyston Solid Surface fake stone surfaces. Polyston s.r.o. produces the worktops in collaboration with KLIER Dental, a Czech dental furniture company.

Klier Dental

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