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Quartz is an alternative to natural stone because it is denser due to its composition and method of processing, and it lacks the pores and visible cracks that natural stone can have. Technical stone is mainly made of quartz and granite and for an effective look, the material is complemented by coloured pigments and mirror granules. All of this is joined together with resin and machined into flat boards of varying thicknesses. This material is widely used in the interior, where the material's hardness and gloss are important. By impregnating the worktop, you will increase the surface's stain resistance and make routine maintenance easier.


Technical stone is typically manufactured in 3060 x 1440 mm or 3200 x 1600 mm jumbo format. The slabs are cut into worktops, wall cladding, bar counters, window sills, and paving slabs at Polyston s.r.o. The technical stone's edges are machined into various shapes, resulting in perfect machined details due to the same colour throughout the cross-section. The technical stone offers three surface treatments - polished, matt and structured surface. You can check the availability of individual surface treatments in the sample book.

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quartz maintenance

Over-the-counter, non-concentrated cleaners can be used to treat the material, but products like drain cleaners or stainless steel cleaners should be avoided. It is not recommended to cut the food directly on the worktop to maintain the gloss of the material in the long term. To avoid visible damage to the surface, we recommend the use of insulating pads for hot items.

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