restaurant and bar counter

Polyston will provide you with comprehensive guidance, as well as equipment construction and installation on site.

Dispensing counters

Because of their qualities, dispensing counters manufactured of Polyston Solid Surface artificial stone and large-format ceramics meet high standards of hygiene and sanitation.
The construction of gastro counters and self-service islands takes time and is technically difficult.
Metal structure provides stability and serves as a supporting element in the manufacturing of culinary equipment.

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self-service islands

In the premises of large companies, it is often possible to implement your own restaurant with self-service islands. For the production of free-standing gastro islands, we recommend the use of Polyston Solid Surface artificial stone, which not only meets high demands on hygiene, but also allows round shaping, which is an invaluable element from the point of view of counter operation.

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Although the equipment of the restaurant should primarily be functional, the aesthetic appearance of the surfaces with which the customer comes into direct contact is also important. Whether it's a sales counter or a work surface for preparing food, their surface can be easy to maintain and beautiful at the same time. Large-format ceramics offer you a combination of a durable surface and a trendy pattern, which can also appear on other surfaces, such as table tops or a bar counter.

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restaurant tables

Table tops in restaurants should not only be durable, but also excel in their aesthetic beauty. Restaurant tables from our production have a metal base and their table top is designed from one piece of ceramic, which is easy to maintain and has a high resistance to chemistry and has almost zero absorbency.

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cladding and tiling

With the interior design of restaurants and bars, one must not forget the appearance of visible areas such as walls and tiles. Thanks to the large area they occupy, they significantly contribute to the overall impression of the space. You can achieve above-standard results by using large-format tiling with continuity or mirroring of the pattern.

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