A kitchen sink made of the same material as the worktop is a trendy interior design trend. Polyston's portfolio includes numerous materials that can be used to make sinks and worktops at the same time.

polyston solid surface

integrated sink

The Polyston Solid Surface worktop provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to integrate the sink directly into the board with no visible joints. The milled drain grooves and drain surface add functionality to the sink while also forming a unified unit with the board. Sinks made of Polyston Solid Surface material have an ANTISHOCK TM protective layer that increases their resistance to mechanical damage and limescale deposition. On request, a sink in a different colour than the worktop can be installed on the desk.

Types of kitchen washbasins Drainage areas and grooves

large-format ceramics, technical stone and granite 

undermount sinks

A kitchen sink in the same pattern as the ceramic surface is also an option. Individual sink sections are fitted together and attached with a durable epoxy coloured adhesive in the worktop pattern's colour.

kitchen with a glued sink

stainless steel, granite ...

sinks by other producers

For the worktop, you might choose a sink made of a material other than that offered by Polyston. Kitchen sinks are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel and granite. Depending on the client's needs, the sinks can be mounted flush with the worktop, loaded, or installed from the bottom of the worktop. We will cut out cut-outs for the board in the required dimensions for installation based on the chosen sink.

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unique kitchen sink

Even with kitchen sinks, creativity knows no bounds. Polyston has 80 different colour options for round, oval, and square sinks. ANTISHOCK TM protects all sinks constructed of Polyston Solid Surface. It is a translucent layer that ensures the material's resilience to thermal shock, surface cracking, dye action, and resists limescale deposition. We provide the creation of glued sinks from the same material and design as your worktop whether you choose a ceramic or technical stone surface.


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