what do you require from your worktop?

Worktops are the most pressured since they are in direct contact with the user. They are suited to these conditions by Polyston s.r.o. and offer the highest grade of worktops.


POLYSTON Solid Surface™

 Polyston Solid Surface™ was created specifically for the manufacture of monolithic worktops. It is possible to include a sink into the board or attach the board directly to the back rail or cladding without a visible a seam thanks to material joining technology. The sanitary, non-porous surface is simple to keep clean, and it's one of the few materials that can be restored by sanding.

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ceramics PORCELA

Ceramic worktops are a popular choice in kitchens because of their large dimensions, which ensure fewer joints on the board. The kitchen has an original style thanks to a variety of designs with imitation stone or natural textures. Ceramic is one of the most common materials for work surfaces and tiles because it is resistant to mechanical damage, water, and high temperatures.

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Kerglass, manufactured by Polyston, is a new revolutionary material in the field of construction that is quickly becoming a modern trend in homes worldwide. Glass is an excellent choice for worktops and has many satisfied customers due to its exceptional properties of flexibility, and the highest heat resistance up to 600 ° C. In addition to practical benefits, this material has the ability to print your own motif in comparison to others, or you can choose photos from our selection.


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Compared to natural stone, the surface of worktops made of quartz is denser, without pores and easier to maintain. The boards are also impregnated against the deposition of dyes and limescale. Kitchen countertops made of technical stone are cut from large plates, which eliminates the number of visible joints.

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Granite, with its distinct texture, continues to be a symbol of luxury and timelessness. Granite's beauty shines brightest on large areas of worktops, kitchen islands, or dining tables. Granite slabs are valued for their hard surface, high gloss, and heat resistance.

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Solid wood is a traditional material used in kitchens due to its original drawing and natural appearance. Polyston s.r.o. manufactures worktops in a variety of designs and wood tones. Wax oil protects the surface of wooden worktops, increasing the wood's resistance to natural absorbency. In the event of damage, the surface can be renewed.

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matching kitchen

Polyston's advanced production processes allow you to match your kitchen worktop to your dining table. Your room will have unity and a distinct ambience thanks to the unification of work surfaces. Your table can serve as both a functional and a decorative element in your kitchen. Take a look at our selection of dining tables to get some ideas.

dining tables from our catalogue


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