All sorts of wooden boards are deeply treated with three layers of ecological natural oils enhanced with antibacterial nanosilver components, which successfully and long-term combat contaminants, germs, moulds, and wood-destroying fungi. Surfaces coated in this manner are simple to maintain, water-resistant, and suitable for everyday use. The worktop's surface can be repaired if necessary by sanding and re-oiling.

TYPES of wood

Polyston s.r.o. offers the most popular woods, including beech, oak, and American walnut. Each of these woods has a distinct grain pattern and colour. Aside from the choice of wood, there are several ways to join smaller prisms and boards into a complete worktop. The wood is glued together and soldered, and the joints are visible to about 1 mm. The length of the board varies depending on the design and ranges from 2 to 4 meters.

PUREWOOD sample catalogue

CoUntry worktops and the application of resin

When drying solid wood, cracks are common as a result of the wood's natural drying process. However, cracks and lumps of wood should not be regarded as a visual flaw, but rather as an example of the original natural structure. In Polyston's joinery workshop, we use transparent or coloured resin to seal large and small cracks in wood and create stylish country boards. You can also add to the natural look by leaving the bark on the board's edge or brushed edge.

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