ecological facades with easy maintenance

glued facades

Polyston distributes and processes large-format Porcelain ceramics, which, thanks to their properties, are also suitable for exterior cladding. Large-format ceramics are light, non-absorbent, resistant to frost and high temperatures and are resistant to UV radiation. The ceramic plates are taped with glass fiber, which increases their strength. In our production, the overall processing of ceramics into the required formats as well as the processing of edges takes place.

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For contact glueing of facades, the maximum dimension of the cladding is 500 mm x 1,500 mm. 3 to 6 mm tile thickness is recommended. Cladding on the facade can be installed by contacting glueing up to a height of 20 meters. We propose selecting a material with lighter colour shades, especially with a reflectivity of more than 20%, for the use of large-format ceramics on the facade.

keramická fasáda rodinného domu

ventilated facades

The system of ventilated facades allows the movement of air between the facade and the building and allows it to breathe. Ceramic panels protect the building from direct sunlight and thus prevent it from overheating. Thanks to the insulating layers of the façade system, thermal bridges are reduced, which leads to significant energy savings.

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construction systems

Ventilated facades are installed on a substructure with vertical profiles for air circulation. This substructure must be designed in accordance with building regulations and wind pressure requirements with respect to the site. It is important to consider the slope of the facade, the chosen fastening system and the size of the ceramic panels.

Construction of ventilated facade

detail konštrukcie fasády

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