Kitchen backsplashes

The great advantage of Polyston materials is their versatility. Large-format slabs with a length of more than 3 meters may be used to create almost any surface with a minimum number of joints.


Polyston Solid Surface

When it comes to kitchen maintenance, the seam between the worktop and the tiling is sometimes a source of frustration. Polyston Solid Surface, on the other hand, provides an outstanding detail, an arcuate transition between the worktop, back rail, and cladding with no apparent seam. The tile board is perfectly linked thanks to this feature, which prevents dirt from accumulating. Furthermore, the material's surface is free of pores, ensuring hygienic cleanliness and ease of maintenance.

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large-format porcela

It's no issue to match the interior of a kitchen with large-format Porcela ceramics. You can complement the entire kitchen with its usage not only on the worktop, the island but also on the wall tiles, thanks to the big formats and a wide choice of designs. Selected ceramic patterns provide continuity or mirroring, allowing the pattern to flow seamlessly from the board to the cladding.

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quartz and granite 

We also manufacture kitchen backsplashes in addition to worktops made of technological stone and natural granite. They are distinguished by their resistance to scratching, breaking, and high-temperature resistance. The cladding is 20 mm thick, and the board and cladding surfaces must be treated to prevent absorbency. If high hardness and high gloss are important to you, we recommend these materials.

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tempered glass with ceramic print

Kerglass ™ is a transparent safety glass with the option of adding a pattern by printing with ceramic inks. The hardening process modifies glass panes, making them suitable for use under gas and glass-ceramic hobs. They come in a normal thickness of 6 mm, but on request, a glass screen with a thickness of 4 mm or 5 mm may be made. LED technology may be used to backlight the displays. Production includes all needed changes and cut-outs, as well as the final high-temperature treatment.

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perfectly aligned interior

You can easily match the interior using Polyston materials. On the dining table surface or other visible surfaces of the furniture, such as cabinet doors or top plates, you may use the same material and design as on the kitchen counter and screen. You may utilize materials to connect the kitchen and living room, such as tiling a fireplace or installing stairs. In the bathroom, the wall tiling can be coordinated with the sink top or tiles. The applications of large-area materials are nearly limitless.


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